Makeup Mistakes You Might Be Making


1. Not matching your foundation shade to the skin on your neck


Foundation is supposed to create a perfect, smooth complexion and cover up any imperfections. This is why you should always use a foundation which blends in with your skin on your jawline or neck.


2. Applying makeup on dry and flaky skin



The makeup will not blend perfectly on dry and flaky skin. Fix the dryness by exfoliating regularly (to get rid of flakes) and following that up with a rich moisturizer. Smoother skin means a much smoother application and finished look.


3. Using under-eye concealer that’s lighter than your skin color



A concealer that’s lighter than your foundation or natural skin color ( if you don’t wear foundation) will brighten the under-eye area creating a strong, distracting contrast. So choose a concealer that is same shade as your foundation or your skin tone.


4. Wearing Dark Lipsticks on Thin Lips



Dark colors make already-small lips dwindle. Brighter, richer colors are a beautiful alternative to accentuate the lips.


5. Applying makeup with your hands



Apply makeup with makeup sponges, blenders or brushes for more defined and even application.


6. Stretching the area around your eye to make the perfect wing



Pulling your eye back when putting on eyeliner not only can break down the sensitive skin and elasticity around your eye, but if your eye isn’t relaxed when applying makeup, you could end up with a horribly uneven line.


7. Wearing Waterproof Mascara Everyday



Waterproof mascara is amazing if you’re attending a wedding or a whole day event but it shouldn’t be your everyday go to. The formula that makes it water-resistant will also dry out your lashes. Also it will require more efforts to remove, and you’ll be losing more of those lovely lashes than you should be.


8. Applying lipstick to dry and chapped lips



Always moisturize your lips before applying lipstick. Moisturized lips will ensure your lipstick doesn’t wear off right away and that it glides on much more smoothly and evenly.


9. Over-tweezing (or ignoring) your eyebrows

Young woman plucking eyebrows with tweezers close up


When brows are well groomed they can enhance your eyes and your entire look. So just stick with cleaning up the area around your brows and follow their natural arch for your best shape.


10. Using pencil on your eyebrows



A penciled eyebrow looks painted. A better option is to choose an eyeshadow color that matches your hair color and apply with a thin, stiff, angled brush using tiny strokes.


11. Wearing blue eye shadow


Blue eye shadow works only for some people. Choose eyeshadow shades that will compliment your eye color for an every day look.


12. Pumping Your Mascara



Pumping the wand in and out of the tube is only letting more air in, which will dry out the formula even faster and will likely leave your lashes looking spidery.



13. Smiling as you apply blush to the apples of cheeks



When you stop smiling and cheeks return to their normal position, the blush color ends up being lower on the face and closer to the mouth. To avoid that always keep your face static while applying blush.


14. Not using a magnifying mirror to check or apply your makeup



A magnifying mirror will ensure that you don’t miss anything on your face when applying makeup, especially when it comes to eyes and lips. You also want to make sure that concealer, powder and foundation are not settling into the fine lines around your eye area.


15. Applying In The Wrong Lighting

Makeup will always look better with less light, but not always the other way around. Always try to apply makeup in natural lighting to get the exact idea of how your makeup will look when you step out.


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