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Fuschia by Vcare is the company which makes amazing Natural Handmade Skincare products. They have a wide range of products in face masks, moisturizers, scrub, handmade soaps, lip balm, creams, face gels and bath salts.
The products are- 100% Natural, Handmade, Cruelty Free, No Parabens and SLS Free.


Fuschia sent me the products in a cute little box. The packaging is very good and the quality of the box is very nice and products will not get damaged while in transit.

1. Sandal Saffron Bath Salt


Fuschia bath salt


Sea Salt with Dead Sea Minerals, Epsom Salt, Himalayan Salt, Sandalwood Essential Oil, Saffron Threads and Olive Oil.
Sea Salts infused with Dead Sea Minerals, Epsom Salt, Himalayan Salt with Essential Oil are natural ingredients which rejuvenate your skin and keep your skin supple and radiant.
Sandalwood Essential Oil creates a calming and harmonizing effect on your mind, reducing tension and confusion.
Saffron addtionally lightens and tones your skin.
How To Use It:
Scrub gently,for exfoliation.Use 20-30 gms of salt in warm water for feet and 50-60 gms for bath.


fuschia bathsalt1


My Review on the product:
Firstly it has a heavenly fragrance. It relaxes your body and gives a luxurious experience. It leaves behind a soft, supple and glowing skin. It even helps to lighten your skin. Also it provides you with a youthful skin as it contains nutrients and minerals. You should definitely try it once and you will be addicted !

Price: 225 INR (50 GM)

You can buy the Product directly here


2. Fuschia Blush Face Mask – Rose & Calamine


fuschia face mask



Rose Water, Kaolin Light, China Clay, Calamine Powder, Glycerin, Aloe Vera,
Bentonite Powder and Vitamin E.
Each of the variants is enriched with different natural active ingredients which impart them their unique properties.
How to Use It:
Apply a layer of this mask even over your skin and relax for 15-20minutes.
Once dry, rinse with plain water.
Use these masks once or twice a week.

fuschia blush facemask


My Review on the product:
The face mask is in pale pink color with a strong fragrance of rose. It is a thick clay based soft mask.It needs a bit of effort to spread evenly on the face.It drys quickly and gets rinsed off easily. It is gentle on the face and doesn’t irritate the skin. It doesn’t dry out the skin like. It gives instant subtle natural glow to the face and the effect remains for good 2 to 3 days which is great. It gives a nice cooling effect to the skin as it contains calamine in it.

Price: 450 INR (100 GM). I received a sample size product.

You can buy the Product directly here


3. Fuschia Rose & Geranium Cleansing Intense Moisturizer

fuschia moisturizer


Rose Water, Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, Geranium Oil, FUCOGE™, Biopol U-21 and Vitamin-E.
Imbibed with the cleansing property of Rose water, revitalizing Geranium oil and all the goodness of Vitamin E, this Olive Oil and Aloe Vera based product intensely moisturizes and keeps your skin healthy and supple.
How To Use It
Gently rub the moisturizer on your face and body till absorbed. Avoid the area around eyes.
My Review on the product
This moisturizer is suitable for both face and body. It smells like rose and absorbs quickly into the skin. It gives intense moisturizing effect and it is super nourishing and soothing on the skin. Best Moisturizer for people with dry skin. The Bottle is very travel friendly which I love to carry it along with me in my hand bag.

Price: 225 INR (50 ML)

You can buy the Product directly here


Overall I loved Fuschia Skincare Products. The products are amazing at this price range. I will highly recommend you to go ahead and give it a try and you will definitely love them.
Fuschia products are widely available at many e-commerce websites. You can directly buy them from their website, they are also having discounts on their products right now.
Fuschia by Vkare website click- www.vkarebiosciences.com

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