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About Esme Organics

The products by Esme Organics are
– 100% Natural and Organic
– Handcrafted
– Artsian
– Customised
They have variety of bath solutions like soaps, bath bombs and bath salts. All the products are beautifully made with different designs and fragrances with all the natural goodness.


1. Tea Tree Oil and Rosemary

We all know the benefits of tea tree oil for our skin. It soothes your skin from any rash and also helps in reducing any blemishes. This soap from
Esme Organics does what it says. After using the soap for a while you will notice improvement in your skin. Also it leaves your skin moisturised.
Price: Rs 150


2. Fraise

This one is made from Natural Rose Extracts. The fragrance is amazing. It leaves mild fragrance of roses on your skin and it lasts for good 4-5 hours. It is was not as moisturising as the tea tree one, so this is better for summer. The size of this soap is not big, but it lasted me for 10 days or so as it do not melt easily.
Price: Rs 130 each


3. Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang is known and valued for its ability to soothe and calm the mood while also providing an uplifting effect. Ylang Ylang essential oil is also used as aromatherapy in steam facial. First of all the this soap is so attractive, it is a rose shaped soap and the texture is so creamy. It glides on the skin smoothly.
Price: Rs 150


This Organic soaps are amazing if you want to heal your skin naturally and without working on it much. You can BUY these bath products from:
Contact number: 9833615007.

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