8 Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know !



1. Create illusion of fuller ponytail with a clip:




Place a clip inside your ponytail for added volume. This gives an illusion of fuller ponytail.


2. How to wear a Bobby pin:




The correct way to wear a bobby pin is to keep the wavy part downwards touching your head. That way the bobby pin will hold onto the hair better and for longer time.


3. Prop up your ponytail with just two bobby pins:




Once you have put your hair in a ponytail place 2 bobby pins so that they start above and go through your hair tie, pointing towards the nape of your neck.


4.  Use Baby Powder as Dry Shampoo:


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Running out of your dry shampoo? Use Baby Powder instead. Just take some powder with any makeup brush or sprinkle some powder directly onto the roots and massage your scalp. The baby powder will help get rid of excess oils from the scalp.


5. Tame Frizz and Baby hairs with a Tooth Brush and Hair Spray:



Take any Clean Tooth brush and spray with little hair spray and gently comb through the frizz and baby hairs. This will instantly tame down the frizz.


6. Spray Bobby Pins for better hold:




For those who always struggle with their bobby pins sliding off, before wearing bobby pins spray the pins with the Hair spray. That way it will hold onto the hair for long time.


7. Keep your hair brushes clean to avoid Greasy Hair:




To avoid Greasy hair, regularly clean the dirt and built up from your hair brushes. The most effective method to clean brushes is to keep the brushes in warm water then adding some baking soda and leaving it for 30 minutes. Then clean it with an old Tooth brush.


8. Get Volume Overnight:



Twist your hair up into a bun on top of your head before you go to bed. The next morning, let your now-bouncy hair down. Your hair will have volume and will be more manageable.





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