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Frizeal is a new jewellery subscription bag which launched this month that is July 2017. This the most affordable jewellery subscription bag as compared to other subscriptions in the market. What makes it more worth is that this subscription not only contains jewellery but also other accessories like sling bag, clutch and scarf.
Frizeal basically have 3 types of subscription bags ie. Shimmer mini bag, Shimmer bag and glitz bag. The Shimmer mini bag is already out of stock and now will be available next month. This shows the growing popularity of Frizeal.



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First thing is the info card which contains all the product info with their original prices. And the prices written are realistic and not exaggerated just to make the subscription bag look good.

Price: Rs 1349 (Get products worth Rs 2500) + Shipping charges Rs 50.

Payment can be done through either Paytm or Bank tranfer. I made payment through paytm.


1. Sling Bag worth Rs 799/-

It was very nice of them to give a choice of colours to choose for the sling bag. They had 3 colours black, brown and grey. I chose the grey sling bag. The quality of the sling bag is very good and the material is not at all cheap. Even the quality of the chain is really good and the bag is quite spacious.


2. Afghani Earrings worth Rs 399/-

These are very chunky and heavy traditional kind of earrings. It can go with both ethnic outfits as well as single coloured western outfits. Frizeal actually gives you many options to choose from in every piece of jewellery. If that piece is available they will definitely send you that. There was choice to select from Afghani earrings and the silver oxidised one, so I chose Afghani as those are in these days.


3. Neckpiece worth Rs 299/-

This neckpiece is very chunky but very light weight. It will go well with a plain black or white t-shirt or dress. This kind of piece can add up to your look and will spice it up.


4. Two Pair of Earrings worth Rs 199/- Each Pair


First one is a minty coloured one. It is very light weight and beautiful pair of earrings, perfect for summers.


The second one is again an ethnic kind of earrings. But this is not as chunky as the Afghani ones. This will pretty much go with any kind of ethnic outfit.


5. Bracelet worth Rs 249/-

Frizeal gave option to choose from Bracelet, anklet and ring. I chose the bracelet as I liked this bracelet, it is very delicate piece of jewellery.


6. Scarf worth Rs 349/-

Last thing in the bag is this scarf. The scarf is made from soft cotton. There are some beads attached to it at both ends which I felt is of slightly cheap quality but that can be removed so that is not an issue. But the scarf is really good and the colour is universal.


So that is it. These were all the things that I got in my Glitz bag from Frizeal. Overall this subscription bag is very worth to buy. You not only get jewellery, you also get other accessories and a wide range to choose from.


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You can buy your bag from their Instagram Page Here:
Or Whatsapp on this number: 7290001565

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