10 Greasy Hair Hacks

1. Dry Shampoo It



Not only does it keep greasiness down, but it also keeps your hair lasting longer between shampoos.




Dry shampoos can often be pricey, so why not DIY it? We’ve got an all-natural solution your hair will love. Use Baby Powder or Cornstarch if you are blonde and use Cocoa Powder if you are brunette. Apply it directly onto your scalp using a clean makeup brush.


2. Braids




A simple braid is a great way to hide dirty hair. It’s easy to do and looks gorgeous.


3. Try To Shampoo Less Frequently




Although you’d think that shampooing more often would help keep greasiness and oiliness at bay, turns out that shampooing more will only make the condition even worse.
Washing your hair everyday can strip the necessary oils in your scalp, causing an overproduction of oil on the scalp.


4. Run a blow dryer through your dry hair, then style it




Sometimes all it takes to give your hair that just washed lift is to use your DIY dry shampoo and then run a blow dryer through it while it’s dry and then style it as usual. That alone can get rid of some of the oil buildup and add volume to hair.


5. The Front Wash




This is one of our favorite tricks and works especially well if you have bangs.
If you’re short on time but still have a little to play with, you can streamline your routine by just washing the front and sides of your hair in the sink. Lastly, blow dry as usual. Use dry shampoo to clean up the rest of your hair and it will magically look as if you’ve washed the whole thing.


6. Topknot




Nothing beats a topknot for an easy second-day hair look. You can also accessorize it with fancy bows or pins.


7. Or try a Low Bun




Your hair may be looking a bit dirty by this point, but the beauty is that you can really capitalize on the grease for a chic but purposefully messy, meaning a little grease and textured low bun.


8. Cover It




The easy and obvious way is to cover it. Use a thick headband, scarf or hat to disguise your missed wash hair.


9. Avoid Touching Your Hair




I know the temptation to run your fingers through your hair but it’s always wise to never touch your hair, especially if you already have an extremely oily scalp.
The natural oils from your fingers will cause hair to become greasy.


10. Rinse properly

Rinse your hair thoroughly after using shampoo and conditioner as any residue can cause greasiness in hair.


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    1. @Ivanna | Provocative Joy Thats great ! I am still trying that but not able to go further than 3 days. I would definitely do a post on curly hair hacks ! Thanks for visiting 🙂

  1. So funny, I just did a post on Greasy Hair too! I didn’t know about the blow dryer tip though. My favorite though is washing with a combo of Tea Tree Oil, Baking Soda, and Shampoo. I do this twice a month. It also helps with flakes.

    Great post!

    1. @Melanie Frost I would love to see your post. Do leave a link to your post so that I can visit your website. And I will definitely try the tea tree oil and baking soda, Thanks for visiting 🙂

  2. I always love how hair dresser people wash your hair it feels so good and the shampoo & conditioner smell so good actually lol I love how my hair turns out after that and I never really understood dry shampoo.

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